Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris DNP is a highly qualified medical professional who holds board certification in Family Medicine.

Furthermore, Dr. Chris has received specialized training in Age Management and is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Chris is deeply passionate about assisting patients in reclaiming their overall health and well-being through comprehensive approaches such as education on diet and exercise, hormone optimization, and the use of nutraceuticals. She strongly believes in practicing what she preaches and takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and personal practices with her patients.

With a particular focus on hormone optimization, dietary interventions, and exercise protocols, Dr. Chris empowers her patients to take ownership of their health. Her ultimate goal is to help them achieve their full potential and lead vibrant, functional lives. By adopting a holistic and thorough approach to patient care, Dr. Chris aims to assist her patients in becoming the best versions of themselves.

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