Red Light Therapy by ARRC LED

Experience accelerated healing & peak performance with light therapy.

Advanced Photobiomodulation Systems: Beyond Traditional Light Therapy

The ARRC LED is a system that combines Full Body AudioBiomodulation and Photobiomodulation with Sound Therapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance cognitive function, memory, and focus.

Photobiomodulation beds, also known as LED light therapy beds or red light therapy beds, utilize targeted light exposure to induce beneficial cellular responses. These systems primarily employ LED technology for its efficiency and power.

ARRC LED pushes the boundaries of conventional photobiomodulation by:

  • Targeting additional chromophores: Expanding beyond solely red and near-infrared wavelengths, ARRC LED systems address additional chromophores within the blood and cell membrane, potentially leading to broader therapeutic effects.
  • Incorporating resonant frequencies: Integrating Nogier and Solfeggio frequencies alongside light waves introduces the potential for resonance and co-resonance effects, aiming to promote targeted health benefits and potentially even pathogen destruction.
  • Utilizing Quantum Imprinting Codes (QIC): This innovative feature, lauded by existing PBMt users, is designed to enhance the resilience of tissues, organs, and systems potentially compromised by pathogens. Users familiar with traditional light beds report a significant increase in perceived benefits per session with QIC implementation.

By combining these advancements, ARRC LED systems offer a potentially more comprehensive and potent approach to photobiomodulation therapy.

What can Light Therapy do for you?

Research & Findings

PhotoBioModulation: Achieve Cellular Fitness

PhotoBioModulation (Light therapy), is the science of stimulating cellular systems in the body by exposing them to specific beneficial wave lengths on the light spectrum. By sending photons beneath the surface of the skin, Light Therapy can effectively activate different mechanisms in the body which significantly increases production of collagen, ATP energy and other internal resoucres.


Super Charge the mitochondria of cells in the body allowing for an increased production and release of ATP energy.

Stress Relief

Improve Sleep & Feel Restored we are onlyas healthy as we are rested, regular Light therapy can drastically improve overall well being.

Stimulate From Within

Chronic Conditions can be mitigated and even resolved by utilizing multiple wave lengths to stimulate recovery within.

Strength Building

Repair & Grow muscle tissue by stimulating our bodies innate ability heal by exposing it to a variety of photon dense light waves.

Beauty Of Body

Collegian Production is increased by more than 200% reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Relax & Refresh

Reduce Pain & Inflammation allowing the body to better do what it does best, keep you going and dealing with stresses of life.

Align Aesthetics & Wellness

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